Saturday, June 10, 2017

15th Ramadan 1438 H | Full moon - bright stars


Let your cheerfulness show : )
How not to be cheerful in Penang when the "stars" have landed in my home : D

How not to be cheerful celebrating Ramadan in Penang when you get this kinda bonanza for free at the Penang State Mosque. If some organizations were to organize an event similar to this with some personalities leading the program, they might charge you a fee. LOL.
  • Complimentary porridge
  • Pre-iftar tazkirah and tahlil recitation
  • Solat Terawih 
  • Child-care service while parents perform teraweh
  • Complimentary supper post-teraweh
  • Tadarus al-Quran
  • Qiyamulail not just during the last week of Ramadan, but every single night
  • Special prayers on Nuzul Quran eve
  • Free sahur meals

Compliments of the Ismails

The Shaykh says: let your cheerfulness show : )

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