Monday, June 12, 2017

17th Ramadan 1438 H | O Allah, employ our limbs in Your obedient service


"O Allah, help us to be obedient to You
and do not desert us because of disobedience toward You
O Allah, keep us far removed from hypocrisy
in all our circumstances
O Allah, bring us near to You
do not send us far away from You
O Allah, install us in Your court
and in Your company
O Allah bless us with meeting You
in this world and the herefafter
delight us with nearness to You
and with the sight of You"

"Let us be among who are well pleased with You
to the exclusion of everything apart from You
O Allah, bless us with true fitness
in Your company"

"O Allah, employ our limbs and organs
in Your obedient service
and our hearts
in Your intimate knowledge
Employ us throughout our lives
by night and by day"

"Join us with our predecessors
among the righteous
provide us with sustenance
as You provided them with sustenance
and be for us as You were for them"

"O Allah, grant us the blessings
You have bestowed on Your people"

"O Allah, help us against ourselves
O Allah, grant us  the blessing
of compliance with Your destiny
under all circumstances"

"O Allah, let us eat of the food of Your nearness
let us quench our thirst with the drink
of Your intimate friendship"

"O Allah, cause a separation between us and our lower selves
O Allah, let us get to know You
so that we really know You"

"O Allah, treat us kindly in Your judgments
and Your decrees"

"O Allah, we seek refuge with you
from reliance on material means
and attachment to fantasy, desires and habits"

"With You
we seek refuge from evil under all circumstances"

"O Allah, make us extinct
to everything apart from You
cause us to exist in You
and give us in this world good
and good in the hereafter
and guard us against the torment of the fire"

"O Allah, may I benefit from what I have to say,
and let them benefit
from what I am saying
and they are hearing."
- Shaykh Abdul Kadir Al Jilani

I am humbled and grateful that Allah enables me to use my limbs and organs to do a little something to make my mother happy. My Jannah is under her feet. May Allah find me worthy of His Jannah. Ameen.

DIY home re-decor initiative for the coming Eid
for the sake of my dear mother,
and our honorable guests
: D
Those orchids are fresh by the way ; )
Alhamdulillahi hamdan yuwafi ni amahu wa yukafi umazidah

Makcik/Pakcik yang ada penyakit hasad/dengki/cemburu terhadap saya, dinasihatkan buanglah penyakit tu jauh-jauh ya, apa kata buang ke Singapura ke? LOL.

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