Monday, June 26, 2017

My Eid Story - 2017 (1) | Children of the Heaven


I am writing this on the morning of 2nd Syawal. Of course, the first day of Eid was full of joy entertaining my special guests, but it was a lil chaotic cos there were at least 100 kids who came to the house! And many of them actually came twice : D
But kids are just kids, they are pure, frank and adorable.

It was tiring, cooking and cleaning in between the group of guests but of course, it was all a pleasure. Alhamdulillah.

This crowd x 8 more.
I lost count actually and was overwhelmed.
But it was all good. I don't mind looking as messy as my kitchen. LOL.
Their second visit - to count their Eid cash collection!
Some of them came back to eat some more
but more of them came back to check their "profit'
and to use WiFi
They said they would come again next year.
Of course! InShaAllah.
May Allah grant me a heart as pure and joyful as these lovely children.

This is just a quick "hello" as I need to prepare for another two big group of guests today.
Catch up soon.

When all entertaining is done...
A good hostess deserves a good break herself 🤣

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