Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy 17.7.17 | Hi guys : )


A little bird told me we've got a young group of an audience here on Lisan al-Din lately. Glad to know they (you guys) could relate to my ramblings. Thanks, you know who you are. Thanks for the positive feedback. I shall try to lengthen my postings from "Small" to "Medium", it might be "Medium rare" though. LOL. If you want something "Well done" go to other blogs ; ) 

Anyway, guys, you should know that our soul is ageless. We are who we are as we have always been. Just the "temple" (I mean the body) gets a lil worn out over time LOL. And the most important thing is we must be flexible and grow with the times. When I first started this space, I addressed my postings to a fictional "son". Then, I went on to address them "folks". It doesn't matter, you are who you are, a soul like a bird who comes perching on this temporary branch, to take a breather before you take a flight to your own big world. And me too. I am here for an impromptu scribble for just a couple of minutes.

Today is a special unique date: 17.7.17. Work-wise it's an important date cos I was involved in submitting a biz tender today. Alhamdulillah, we made it. So just like most people, I went chillin' and Eid-ing (I mean eating) in the city after all the work is done. The video below is evidence of my care-free mood. It's similar to the feelings you'd have after a big exam you know.

I hope we will all remain youthful in spirit (and looks). 
"Never let a bad yesterday ruin your chance for a good today." - Steve Keating

Yes, today 17.7.17 is good, Alhamdulillah.

Stay "Sweet Seventeen" always...
: D


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