Friday, July 14, 2017

HidayahMu | Pleading for His guidance


This beautiful and heartfelt song was released about a month ago, by one gorgeous and popular Malaysian singer Shila Amzah - who wrote the lyrics and melodies herself. One big talent she is, ma sha Allah!

Although it's in the Malay language, I think our foreign visitors/readers could feel the soul of the song. May you benefit from the rough translations I did. (see below). 

I ask that You forgive me
Pardon all my sins
all my wrongdoings

I know I don't qualify
for your Heavens
I am truly unable
to cast aside my past

Still, I shall keep pleading
for Your protection O Lord

I beg that You give me strength
accept my repentance so I could stay on Your path
I plead that You protect me from
all the slanders and tricks of men

O Lord
Indeed this repentance of mine
truly comes from the heart
I yearn for Your guidance
my prayers, my life and my death is only for Your sake

Accept my repentance
towards Your path

I long for Your guidance
my Lord...


I remembered my student days in US and UK, how I got excited whenever there's a new good Malay song. It's a sweet bond with one's own people. Always proud to be a Malay and a Malaysian.

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