Saturday, July 29, 2017

Horsing around | Inclusive


Wish y'all a productive and happy weekend.

Let's be appreciative of our leisure time before we get busy.

By the way, yesterday I came across a pleasant news about the establishment of a 'World Sufi Center' to be based in Malaysia. The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia announced this wonderful news at a Conference of Ulama held in Kuala Lumpur today. It's indeed a significant milestone for a nation to make Sufism/tariqa "official". A local philanthropist has committed to contribute US$ 1 Million for the proposed Center. The idea for 'World Sufi Center' was agreed upon by ulama, mufti and scholars from 38 countries who gathered at the said Conference. 

I am pretty sure this newly established body could unite the various tariqa group in the country and around the world. And that the authority would monitor and supervise them so as to deter any deviant ones from misleading the public.

Having mingled with several groupings before, I noticed some were too inwardly looking and each had the tendency thinking theirs was the better one. And there are also "spiritual leaders" who ride on the religion for their own personal gain.

May Allah protect us from the illusion of 'being the chosen exclusive club' whereas the Prophet pbuh has taught us about Islam that is all inclusive. May Allah keep us on the Straight Path, stay on course like a good racing horse until the finish line.

Allahu a'lam.

Gotta have a stronger will.

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