Saturday, July 22, 2017

In a gay Saturday mood


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
Gotta thank Allah for our circumstances are not as bad as those who live in crisis-full countries/communities. May Allah lighten their burdens and replace their struggles with peace and prosperity. Ameen.

Gotta thank Allah that we get to enjoy the weekend in a gay (as in merry/happily excited) mood. Just that I am missing my home in Penang a wee bit when my sister sent this lovely photo below. My mom bought those roses. It's gorgeous in my eyes! Thanks to Uber, she could go to the garden nurseries (or anywhere) by herself anytime. May Allah bless all the well mannered Uber drivers in Penang who have been ferrying my mother around the island. Even though I could monitor her movement from the apps yet many of the drivers would often text/call me saying "Your mother has reached home." Yes, uber-friendly they are Uber drivers! 

This weekend, take the time to please your loved ones. 
Create wonderful moments : )


I discovered one more way to make your mother happy. Cook your own meals and show her that you are a talented home-chef just like her and thus minimize driving through the fast food chains. LOL.
Here's something to make you drool - my chicken kurma. Am drooling too...but I am fasting, oh great Lord.
: D

Dear Mom,
You knew it.

Your cheeky daughter
who's enjoying having this "Language of Faith" journal for almost 10 years
as it showcases her journey and growth.
She is taking it easy now
while waiting for the blog to hit 1 million views soon
so she could just wrap it up, journey elsewhere and enjoy life some more.
Bi iznillah.
: D

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