Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Recuperating from Eid-ing


Tuesday - was like my first day at work. I mean first day to report duty upon getting employed. I moved to a new floor and a new cold work desk was waiting for uninterested/not so motivated me - this is a typical post-Eid syndrome.

A bit of consolation though. This view:

And this space near my workstation will be redecorated and transformed into a mini entertainment lounge area where we could play video games, read magazines, watch TV, in between those dry paperwork and heated meetings. Cool eh?

Ah...this posting is looking like a trial for my new upcoming blog which will be more personal about my lifestyle, places of interest, and food! Yes, I am just waiting for this blog to hit 1 million views before I move on to a new space. We are going to hit 1 million pretty fast. I can make it faster, by re-visiting my own postings LOL and we also have the "help" of a bunch of spy-readers who loooove to scrutinize my Eid photos and non-Eid photos this year and the previous years. LOL. They might be checking what sofa I used to have and what new items I have added in my crib etc. They just keep coming back, somehow. LOL. Thank you, guys! 

I have a piece of advice for people who can't seem to move on. I made this postcard as a reminder for them and me. 

Yes, I want a new blog so I will stop doing the old one. 

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