Tuesday, August 22, 2017

234 | Tuesday


O you who have a tendency to wake up late and spend the day unproductively, know that today is the 234th day of the year. Of course, one who is not mindful of the time does not bother what day of the year it is.

One good thing about trying to blog every day is that you are more aware of the number of days that have passed and how many more days there are left before the year ends.

There are 131 days left in 2017.
What would you do?
Clean the planet, except your room?

Bi iznillah, I am excited about 2018. It's good to be excited and have positive expectations on the Generous Lord. After all, He is as what we expect Him to be. Allah says, "I am as my servant expects Me to be."

expect the Lord, to always be super generous and compassionate towards us.
That He would pick us up quickly and heal our wounds every time we fall or get bruised.
That He would facilitate our work, our endeavors, our travel plans, and everything else.
That He would make us cash-rich, a multi-millionaire perhaps, not just in terms of assets.
And rich with good deeds and praiseworthy character.

It's Tuesday. Come on every body, let's twist.
; )

Gosh, it just occurred to me, if I were to live past 80, I should do something worthwhile from age 50 to 80. That's like 30 years. What can you do in 30 years? Write 5 books perhaps? Have another three blogs perhaps or whatever they may call it by then. May Allah provide for us well until old age. May we become useful senior citizens, useful and inspiring for the youth in terms of wisdom. May we remain healthy and agile until our last breath so that we don't bother other people with our weaknesses.

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