Saturday, August 5, 2017

Between hallux and minimus


Between hallux and minimus, just please don't step on my toes cos securing Jannah is my own responsibility. 

When the noises rise above the decibels we could tolerate, heed this advice from Dr Bilal Philips: "It's easy to get swayed by what people say, but ask yourself, who is going to give you Jannah? Allah or those people?"

Taffakur (contemplation) could help direct our soul to Jannah. Looking inwardly to ourselves, not outwardly to others. 

What is your door to Jannah? Your mother? Whoever or whatever it may be, let's find our own doors. No need to be bothered about other people's hallux and minimus and all that's in between. Mind your own toes. Never mind hers/his. Don't step on mine, so I won't step on yours.

Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday, folks.
And slay your Monday


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