Saturday, August 19, 2017

Congrats Malaysia! | Great sportsmanship


I am super proud to be a Malaysian on this night especially - the Opening Ceremony of the 29th SEA GAMES which has been officiated just a while ago by His Majesty the King of Malaysia, Sultan Muhammad V.

The country is witnessing a historic event as it's being overseen by an uber-sporting and very capable Sports Minister of Malaysia who is also competing in the SEA GAMES  in the equestrian polo sport.

The motto for the games is "Bangkit Bersama" or "Rising Together". We learn from a hadith that a believer is like a brick in a structure of a building, one supports the other. It would be amazing if we could truly complement one another. The outcome of rising together would be even more amazing! I think we need to show greater sportsmanship on matters of the religion for the benefit of all and everyone.


May Allah grant us the strength to keep fit and make our limbs strong so we could be useful to people around us especially the weak among us.

"Fill your mind with truth,
your heart with love,
your life with service."

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