Saturday, August 12, 2017

Count the days | Make the days count


Allahumma soyyiban nafi'a
May Allah make the pouring rain beneficial.

It's raining right now in KL.
Yes, we all yearn for everything beneficial.
May Allah An Nafi' - the Source of Good, the Benefactor grant us everything beneficial. Ameen.

I am at a beneficial crossroad Alhamdulillah. I must proclaim this upcoming bounty from Him. It is yet another proof that He has been listening to my plea and He will be offering bi iznillah. He Allah subhanahu wa taala is indeed the ultimate, the best Arranger/Manager/Planner.  

Yes, one beneficial move I am so looking forward to is: working for only 24 hours a week or 156 days in a year! YaHuu! Although in reality, I will end up "working" more days for all kinds of other activities, that's OK, as long as the official working days is just 156 out of 365 days.

So what do I do on the 209 off days?
On a serious note, if we were told we have just 209 days to live, what would we do? What would you do? How do we fill up the 209 days? What kind of schedule would you put together? Quran recital 2 hours a day perhaps? Visit the sick and fast, every other day? Gotta think about it seriously. How do we make the days count?

May Allah keep us occupied with thoughts, speech, actions that are pleasing to Him, every single day. That we only engage in everything beneficial for our dunya and akhirah. 

May our life be more and more spectacular as was the meteor shower which decorated the sky tonight (13 Aug 2017). I didn't see it for myself but it's there above us all this mid-August. Life may not be anywhere near decent, let alone spectacular for many of us, so we pray Allah removes afflictions and sadness at comet-speed. He can do anything He wills.

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