Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eight peas recipe


Found this good recipe this beautiful Sunday morning and decided to make a poster of it as a reminder for me-self and my nieces and nephews especially. They have become ardent readers of this space. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen : )

Of course, I need motivation every day just as I shower every day. Not sure about you. LOL.

And should anybody (people with emotional baggage) try to pull you down with their negativities, tell them like we do in Penang: "Pea-rah". LOL.
Or say it like the Malaysian Indians do: "Pod-dah". LOL.

Laughter is an instant vacation.
Can't wait to go holiday with the other "pea in the pod".

Oh yes, the feeling you get when your fried noodles taste twenty times better than the better ones you have ever bought. LOL.


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