Friday, August 18, 2017

Let's confabulate | Connecting the right way


It sounds a bit odd - confabulate, but it's nothing odd really LOL. It means to chat or converse informally. My command of the English language is pretty poor, people mocked me for it, so I try to learn a new word every day. 

Confabulate - that's what I've been doing here lately, chat informally with myself, chronicling thoughts, experiences and feelings. It's not just important to connect with oneself inwardly (as in reflect). It's equally important to connect with our loved ones in the right way instead of getting busy being 'connected' in the virtual realm.

I consider myself fortunate to be connected with a Mekah resident. I asked her for advice re hajj (pilgrimage). Having lived in Mekah for more than a decade, I asked her how many times had she performed hajj already. "I stopped counting. It's not about the number of times, it's more about trying to improve myself each time. I got tested differently each time. It's different every year."

And this precious lesson, I managed to dig from her - a committed tholabul ilmi, pious but never self-righteous.
  • Taubah (repentance) is the most important thing. We should learn from Prophet Adam alaihisalam on the importance of continual repent.
  • It's also important to acquire as much knowledge as possible prior to hajj. We should be inspired by Prophet Idris who was gifted with vast knowledge.
  • Thirdly, we must act. It's about doing. Prophet Nuh is one who taught us plenty of lesson about the virtues of actions/good deeds.
  • Fourthly, we must have tawakkul. Prophet Ibrahim alaihisalam showed us how great he was in putting his trust in Allah. He left Hajjar and Ismail in the desert, he submitted to Allah completely, he was willing to slaughter Ismail but Allah changed the decree. The enemies wanted to burn him, yet he submitted his fate to Allah, who saved him eventually. So we have to have trust in Allah.  

In a nutshell, it's about repenting, acquiring knowledge, doing/acting and having faith (tawakkul) in Allah.


You know they say, we are the average of five people we often spend time with. I sure hope Allah makes me spend a lot more time with pious, humble and knowledgeable people like this one special friend of mine.

And, yes, may Allah grant us more opportunity to connect with and make us belong with people who meet and part for the sake of Allah, just so that we get to win His protection on the Day of Resurrection.


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