Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Malaysia turns 60 | Sixty flags


May Allah grant us a whole lot more for the gratitude we have for our beautiful country Malaysia.

I am pleased that my mother has inculcated in me quite a bit of patriotism. She is one who is concerned about people not raising the Malaysian flags at home. She said "We can't expect the Americans to come to our village and put up a Malaysian flag in our house compound. It's not too difficult to raise a flag at home in conjunction with the Merdeka (Independence Day) celebration."

So, this year, because Malaysia is celebrating our 60th year of independence (merdeka), and to delight my mother, I made an effort to install 60 flags at our Penang home. Yes, 60! Nine big ones and 51 mini flags. With the help of my niece and nephew, we made it!

I think we might be a bit more patriotic than most people because my late father served in the army and was involved in direct physical confrontations with the communist soldiers several decades ago. 

May Allah continue to keep Malaysia safe and progressive always. 

Hibiscus or Bunga Raya is Malaysia's national flower

Our Merdeka party has begun.
Homemade prawn noodles 
(ala Penang of course) 

Together we feast : )
Together we rise!


Demi cintaku padamu
ke mana pun kau kan ku bawa
ke hujung dunia
ke bintang kejora

For the sake of my love for you
I shall take you with me every where
to the end of the world
to the Morning Star

: )

God bless Malaysia!

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