Saturday, August 26, 2017

North Face | Cape of Spending


Hi guys,
The Eidul Adha holiday has begun for me : D

It's time to put on my north-face (since I am from Penang - the northern part of Malaysia). Not that it has ever left me. LOL. Yes, it's time to drive up north, face north, everything north. North-bound, YaHuuu!

Not going to apologize that the upcoming postings for the next few days will be light and easy as I holiday in my hometown - George Town - a Unesco World Heritage site. The annual (8th) George Town Festival is still buzzing, by the way, it's for the whole month of August.

And yes, as can be seen in the news screenshot - September will be even more fun, lots more holidays galore in Malaysia In Sha Allah.

Joyfully stuck in Tanjung Belanja
[not Tanjung Belaga - I mispronounced it.]
It's somewhere past Ipoh (northbound). Didn't know there's such a place. 
It means 'Cape of Spending'. LOL. 
That's a big sign/clue of the usual occurrence when you are on a holiday. LOL 

A typical scene when you drive along the North-South Highway during school holidays.
But, life in Malaysia is jolly good, regardless.
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for this beautiful country.
Next week, on the 31st of August, we are going to be 60 years old - Malaysia.

Below - is one proud Malaysian:

Gotta praise the Lord for having delivered me safely home.

Wish y'all a wonderful weekend.

Did you know George Town was first (historically known) as Tanjung Penaga or Cape of Penaga after Penaga trees which grew abundantly at the Cape (George Town). Penaga trees are known for their white fragrant flowers.

Oh yes, that's why Penang girls are ever so sweet-scented. LOL.

From Penang with love

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