Thursday, August 3, 2017

On turning ten | The Turner of hearts


I am feeling a lil melodramatic now that this space is turning ten years old very soon.

Of course, I feel 10 years older. What can 10 years do to a person? To you? To me?

I will say, I have had enough.

It was The Turner of hearts who turned my heart to this space. It was The Turner of hearts who has made me turn the page and scribble a bit and turn the page and repeat - quite religiously.

A ten-year-old girl is one who would reach puberty anytime.
A ten-year-old girl is one who begins to discover her own feminity.

When I was ten, I represented my school in athletics, netball and traditional dancing competition. I won 5 gold medals in the school sporting event. I was at a peak in terms of physical activities. Alhamdulillah for those wonderful memories.

Glory be to Allah for letting us have unique experiences at different stages of life. It is He who turns our hearts towards a thing. He gives all of us unique interests through different phases of our lives.

Let us be among those who see His miraculous workings every day on us and others.
And be among those who are mature in thinking, accepting and appreciating His wondrous actions on us and others.

Ah...on a lighter note, I hope I look 10 years younger. LOL.

OK folks, thanks for tolerating my ramblings.
Thank God It's Thursday.
May Friday unfold more magic and happiness to you and me.

Lisan Al-Din blog = A 10-year-old tree
(bi iznillah)

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