Wednesday, September 27, 2017



Wednesday according to research is the most productive day cos it's midweek and we thus have warmed up sufficiently, maybe.

Anyway, I thank Allah for being gainfully employed as I always remind myself of the hard times when I was unemployed. 

But Winston Churchill says:
"We make a living by what we get.
We make a life
by what we give."
During this blessed month of Muharram, let's pray so that Allah would continue to give us good health and the capabilities to earn a living and that He would move our hearts/hands to give more.  

Even if we can't give out a bigger sum of cash as we might wish, we should give away our time, skills, knowledge, care and du'a in the way that could positively enhance someone's life.

That pic is my morning off-to-work ritual - selfie while waiting for the lift. And do a "thank you-ritual" for the day.
Thank you Allah for giving me nice clothes.
Thank you Allah for giving me good health so I can go to work [and not call in sick. LOL]
Thank you Allah that I have got a good job.
Thank you Allah that my house is a mere 5 minutes drive to the office.
Thank you Allah for the car.
Thank you Allah for today!
: )


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