Monday, September 11, 2017

Get rid of busy nothingness


[This is written on a cloudy Sunday morning.]

Post-gym sesh, I found this quote I needed 30 years ago. LOL. It's by Steve Maraboli.

Yes, when the weather is bad for your brisk-walk routine, hit the gym. If you really must sit down and do nothing, might as well do some meditation (zikir/tafakkur/salawat). LOL.

Or blog - post some random ramblings. It does not matter if people don't appreciate your postings. The point is you exercise your brain neurons, pump up the brain's synaptic connections. It's your brain, not theirs, so never mind them. LOL.

Or cook.
Or read.

Nothingness has no place in the day-to-day living, that's what the experts are saying and of course, we all agree.

Getting enough sleep does not fall in the "nothingness' category of course. It's excessive sleeping that we have to avoid. Else, you can't make yourself useful/beneficial to your-self, let alone others.

OK, this is a reminder to me-self and the young ones in my family.
Keep busy being productive on meaningful things.
Don't just sit idle.

Oh, the next time I am tempted to go idle, I should google the recipe for idli and try making some.

Image result for idli indian recipe

Have a great week people. It's week #37 already.

Amer: Kat mana nak cari Rava Idli yang sedap kat Penang? Yang ada sambai nyok pekat kaw kaw macam dalam gambaq tu. 
Takmau yang plain putih tu boring. 
Little India? Let's. 
My next trip. In shaAllah.

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