Thursday, September 28, 2017

Invest in the most important relationship


Dr Bilal Philips gave this one important reminder that we women and men should heed - the singles especially. But I think those who are married too, else they might get stuck in a deep attachment which might prove to be too hard on them when the time comes for them to detach (either due to divorce or death of their partner).

And for the singles, if they realize this sooner the better so that when they do enter a relationship, it would be with better wisdom so they know to put the right thing in the right place, and not be overly attached. Because they will have invested and keep investing in the Divine Love affair so they know even a speck of happiness and love they could ever wish for from other relationships only come from their primary numero uno Love interest - Allah. 

"Our relationship with Allah is the most important relationship we have. Invest in it InShaAllah!"
- Dr Bilal Philips


I can't help but laugh and "punch" myself in the face for the silly "investments" I made in the past. LOL. Thank God I didn't marry those I refused to marry. Allah knows what's best for each of His servant, so just chill ; )

And let us keep running strong in the race - fastabiqul khairat. Do you read the Quran daily? Do you make salawat incessantly? Did you make your mother smile today? I ask myself.


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