Monday, September 25, 2017

Raison d'etre | Ikigai | Mon 25


What are your reasons for being?
What's my ikigai?
That's Japanese for raison d'etre.

Now at this age of mine, it has become clearer to me that our reasons for being should be:
- to know Allah (yes know first, must know Who is it that we worship. Get to know His Names and Attributes)
- to worship Allah (even if we can't see Him, He sees us) 
- to have a spiritual connection with the Beloved of Allah salallah alaihi wasalam (by remembering him, by making salawat continually)
- to make your parents happy (especially your mother)
- to be useful to as many people as possible

Another meaningful birthday of mine spent with 50 would-be huffaz boys.
Their prayers are priceless!
They are my neighbors in Penang/my regular guests on special occasions.
They had recently moved to another neighborhood.
It's a pleasure visiting them at their new/bigger/safer abode.
Alhamdulillah after 2 years of waiting, they got a better home, at last.
With Arash (9 years old).

Pizza party. The joy of delighting my honorable friends
is all mine : )
Tahfiz administrators are particular about their students' food intake.
Certain types of food/fast-foods are not allowed.
So be sure to check prior to hosting/throwing a surprise party
for them.

I was beyond pleased, to be able to share not one birthday cake
but 9! Alhamdulillah indeed.
What more can you ask for when you have confidence in:
Al Razak, Al Rahman, Al Karim
Al Mughni, Al Mujib, Al Wahab, Al Nafi and Al Basit.
He glory is Allah who backs us up all the time.
Just to mark this special day
and register my gratitude
for Allah's bounties all these years

One of the recommended things to do during this blessed month of Muharram is to put our hands on the head of an orphan for blessings and pray so that Allah grants us a gentle heart.
Have you done it?
I have! Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

Thank God for a very fruitful day.
Let us all remind ourselves constantly of our ikigai.
[And treat ourselves to grilled unagi sometimes LOL]
: D

Gosh, I just learned something new.
Unagi is also a term meaning = complete awareness.
In karate, when you have achieved unagi, it means you can defend and prepare yourself for any danger at any given moment.

Let us pray for unagi concerning our lower nafs. So that we could defend our iman (faith) and fight all negative externalities that could jeopardize it.

Another reason why today is special.
Got news that I'm gonna be given a promotion : D
Allah Kareeeeeeeeem!

Thank you all for all the good vibes (du'a) you sent me!
You know who you are - my genuine readers/visitors!
I love you!

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