Monday, October 23, 2017

Are you non-negligent or are you a devout? | 10 or 100?


Gosh, I've just learned that the difference between the two i.e. being non-negligent or devout is 90 verses. It's a matter of choice: either you do 10 or do 100.

Yes, there's a hadith about people who should be envied. One of the two types of people who should be envied is the night time Quran reciter. 

No wonder I have got many more people who envy me these days. LOL. Just kidding!

On a serious note, if you do not wish to be branded as negligent, then you should read 10 verses of the Quran every night. There is a hadith narrated by Al-Hakim, the Prophet (pbuh) says: "Whoever reads 10 verses at night, will not be recorded as one of the negligent."

If you wish to belong to the "upper class competitive" group then you might want to do 100 so that you would be recorded as one of the devout. [click on the link below, for reference to related hadith on this matter]

It's amazing the fact that we are told about the yardstick/barometer/ruler/benchmark yet we ignore. Instead, we busy ourselves with people's IG/Twitter/FB/Blog making ourselves envious towards people who seem to have more than us in terms of looks, lifestyle, job, wealth, social status, car collection, jewellery, smart-rich-good-looking spouse, whatever. Those people are not envy-worthy unless they recite the Quran regularly, at least 100 verses of the Quran every night and/or that they spend plenty of their wealth for the sake of the truth.

To be in the devout-category, we need not do much actually, except to read 100 verses which might take us around 40 minutes a day. That's shorter than your nightly Netflix hours or other meaningless hobbies that do not carry any points for your Book of Deeds. Time is the ultimate luxury, so let's be mindful of how we invest our time.

I am writing this reminder for myself and all, as a sign of gratitude for the tawfik that the generous Lord has afforded me and thus I hope He would grant me more : )
[Good to be selfish sometimes. LOL.]

I am also grateful that I have done pretty well on a work-related exam today. So I pray Allah would grant me bigger success for the gratitude I have.

Everyone stands a chance of being "the subject of envy". It's easy, we already know the requisites, so what are we waiting for?


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