Sunday, October 1, 2017

Auspicious weekend | Grand Muharram


Hi folks

So have you done the 1000 Al Ikhlas today? Malaysians observe Ashura today by the way.
I have done it  Alhamdulillah for the tawfik-boost, again.
So now I can chill for a bit while waiting for iftar.

I wish to encourage our young readers to imagine Allah running to you as you put effort to walk to Him (per Hadith Qudsi). Imagine you making one step - reciting one Al Ikhlas and counting the beads one at a time - imagine Allah making 10 steps to you in return.

So if we may do some maths, that's like 1000 x 10 steps = 10,000 steps which the Lord reciprocates! Amazing. And the rewards for fasting and doing any good deeds in this month of Allah - Muharram - is even greater. 

You know Malaysia used to have YES (Year-End-Sale). We might still have it or have they coined a new acronym for the big sale festival? Anyway, it is incomparable and better - the Muharram offer. Amazing how generous Allah is, already giving us a big bonus at the start of the new year, instead of at the end of the year. So let's grab it!

Know that you genuine readers who think well of me; those who made du'a for me; those who have helped me; those who gave me all kinds of presents (like that tasbih/misbaha and prayer mat in below pic) and those who have asked me to make prayers for them - I have got all of you covered in my special petition this weekend! 
: )

I have a feeling 1439 Hijri is going to be an awesome year bi-iznillah. But in order to secure a good year, let's make full use of this grand month of Muharram.


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