Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Character | Shine


"Reputation is what people think of you;
character is what God and Angels know of you."
- Thomas Paine

So, what character are you presenting to the Lord today?

Says Ali ibn Abi Talib

If I may be sentimental a wee bit. I am kinda missing my Quran tajweed teacher as I treat myself to a cocoa drink tonight cos that's what I served my guide most of the time - Maresi or Landessa coffee/cocoa. Alhamdulillah, something to remember him by and keep me motivated with my recitation.

I believe if we are of any good, it's not because we are good, it's mostly because there are so many good people out there who keep praying for us. 

O Allah, grant me Your love
and the love of those who love You
and actions that will bring me closer to Your love.

May You make us rise with greater tawfik each and every day. May You make us shine in Your eyes.

"Read the Quran again and again and forget about what's bothering you. Allah's words have the ability to give you peace of mind." 
- Dr Bilal Philips

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