Sunday, October 22, 2017

Trusting the Controller


Kuala Lumpur
Easy Sunday morning...
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
Happy to be (finally) seated at my desk at home this beautiful Sunday afternoon after having completed the usual weekend chores. Although deep down I wish I had settled down sooner to do some important revisions but we gotta trust the Controller. "And who is it that is in control of all that exists?' (Quran 10:31)

Yes, we gotta trust Him Allah subhanahu wataala cos "In His hand is all good." (Quran 3:26)
And we gotta be grateful that He places in our heart a good level of certainty and optimism so we are neither restless nor doubtful of what is to come tomorrow.

In God, we place our trust, none other than Him.

Wish y'all a pleasant Sunday.
May Allah equip us sufficiently to face whatever it is that we have to face in the coming week - week no. 43.

Hasbunallahu wanikmal wakil.

There were some youngish inexperienced supposedly pious men and some 50-something holier-than-thou nosy women who had given me unsolicited opinions, expressing their worries about me not having a boyfriend/about who I should/should not befriend and all the things that are none of their business. In truth, they have got their own dependents/family they should worry about. Never mind me, I have got enough love-vitamins LOL. I don't contribute to their book of deeds, I have a mind of my own, I do my own thing. I'm excited about the possibility of having 80 adopted sons! LOL. Bi-iznillah! May Allah the trusted Controller, make my dreams come true and accept my intentions as among the mukhlisin. Ameen.

: D

Did you know that the two popular du'a pertaining to increasing knowledge and understanding i.e. Rabbishrohlisadri...and Rabbi zidni ilma both reside in Surah Taha? Taha is also one of the names of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). I was delighted when I came across both verses today.


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