Sunday, October 15, 2017

Write and say so


I like M.T.Cicero, that celebrated Roman lawyer/writer/orator/statesman, cos he is real. Only someone who is real would say what he said. That "even if you have nothing to write, write and say so." LOL.

Yes, to be frank, I have nothing to write about yesterday and today's posting slot except to tell it as it is. That I have spent my weekend indoor being productive doing spring cleaning, cooking, reading the Quran, reading some positive stuff on Twitter and tweeting, and eating of course. Oh before I began all those activities, I went to KLCC mall for a while on Saturday to check out Tiffany's latest jewellery collection. LOL. Yes, I did! And bought some yummy salads from Isetan Food Store and a slice of cake from Bisou. Hah...hah... I am revealing my weekend "KLCC pit-stop ritual" to the public.

And this morning I walked to a stall to get my Nasi Lemak fix. LOL. Nasi Lemak is Malaysia's most popular breakfast consisting of rice flavoured with coconut milk, hard boiled egg, fried anchovies and squids sambal (hot sauce) and cucumber.

Oh, what did I cook for dinner? Chicken kurma cos it's easy peasy.

M.T.Cicero was a lawyer. I am courting a lawyer, a good looking one! Heh so? Yes, by reading the Quran regularly, a drop-dead handsome brilliant guy will be my loyal companion in the grave bi-iznillah.
I thank Allah for this tawfik-boost I have been experiencing. Alhamdulillah indeed. I pray Allah would grant you a good dose of tawfik too. Oh yes, you are included in my dua per verse 41 of Surah Ibrahim. "Rabbanaqfirli waliwalidaiya wa lil mukmini nayauma yaqumul hisab" - that Allah would forgive all believers on the Day of Reckoning.

It's a big day no doubt. Perhaps every year as we eagerly wait for our birthday like it's a sure thing and embrace it with merriment, we should also reflect on the inevitable Day of Reckoning cos it's a big deal - bigger than our birthdays. With each birthday we get closer to the ultimate big day - the Day of Reckoning.

So do you reckon you would do well on that big day? I ask myself.

Hope you have had a productive and pleasant weekend too. Let's embrace Monday and week no. 42.

Oh, dear Lord, we are getting closer to week 56. Time flies.

Time is of the essence.

Good night from KL.

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