Saturday, November 25, 2017

Give God everything you have


Hope you have had a productive Saturday with your loved ones including the One whom should be our Most Loved One and one that which is not just a lip service. And that means we've got to give everything we have got, do the max we can, give our best.

As far as the mortals are concerned, we have to give all to the one through whom we might secure a ticket to the heaven bi-iznillah. Your mother. Your mother. Your mother. And then your father. Even if they are no longer around in this realm, your du'a is priceless cos obviously when you yourself enter the grave, you can't be making du'a for them anymore!

And hopefully, the Lord would overlook and forgive our shortcomings. May He consider them as unintentional typos. LOL.

: D
Once typos are made - don't stumble over them again.
"Don't stumble over something behind you."
- Murray Newlands

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