Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy World Children's Day | Rabiul Awal


Says Marianne Williamson (American Author)

As adults, we should do more to make the children around us become healthier and happier because even if their minds are so pure that they do not have a file called "All the things that could go wrong' there are in fact many of them who have been wronged.

May Allah grant us the tawfik (strength) to become better adults who set good examples for the young ones.

In conjunction with the arrival of the blessed month Rabiul Awal, we should emulate the manners of Rasulullah salallah alihi wasalam when dealing with children, how he would lower himself to stand at their height so he could embrace them. Quarreling in front of the children is a no-no obviously.

My prayers are with the children who had been visiting my house on the first day of Eid for decades. And also the young huffaz would-be at a tahfiz school in Penang (whom I am emotionally attached to). May Allah grant them all tawfik and hidayah so they would grow up to be ahlul abrar - intelligent and pious men and women who are beneficial to their families and the communities. Ameen. 

As compared to the children in the first photo, this boy is luckier. He has just graduated from an Islamic pre-school and he is a digital native who is very good at gaming.

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