Tuesday, November 7, 2017

That's all we need


Says Mother Teresa

Need I say more?
No need to say more.
Let's be mindful of the moment, each moment.
As in every posting, it's a reminder for me, first and foremost.

: )

Happy Tuesday.

It's a happy Tuesday for me cos I got myself a new fave phone - Samsung Note 8.
Alhamdulillah. Allah Kareem.
A date to remember 7.11.17 so I know how many months it would last and survive any cracks due to my clumsiness. LOL.

No, wait, that's not going to happen - that's a negative self-affirmation there, no way, let me rephrase:
I am a poised, graceful elegant lady who is always careful with my belongings so they last really well for the longest time. I am grateful for every single blessing, therefore, my Lord will give me more.


O Generous Lord, I need an iPhone8Plus too please and the new Apple Watch.
I deserve it cos I am always grateful, and I work hard, I recite the Quran regularly and recite plenty of salawat.

: D

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