Sunday, December 31, 2017

A little bit about today | 31st December


Let's do something a little ironic.
And I'd like to quote Loly Daskal in relation to that: 
"Focus a little less on the future, 
and a little more on today."

Yes, it may sound ironic because everyone is talking about the "future", about 2018, which is only tomorrow, the future is not too far away now.

Today is the 365th day of the year. I am indeed pleased to have scribbled 366 postings/ramblings this year. Oh, what a wonderful year it has been - sweet Twenty Seventeen! Alhamdulillah wa shukrulilllah.

So now that I have accomplished what I intended to do for 2017 - that is daily blogging (I got one extra post heh heh), yes now that it's all done, let's enjoy this beautiful Sunday, the last day of the year.

It's 5.23 a.m. 31st December 2017, I wanna get going and seize the day. Let's start with some morning prayers as we all should.

Let's focus a little bit more on today. Enjoy!

See you in 2018!

Best wishes!
-E. Ismail

View from my balcony one Maghrib in December.
It's the final weekend of the year, Yahuuuu!
I am enjoying lovely Penang, today.
What about you?
No matter your location, I wish you a fab day.

2017 Blogging?
It's a wrap!
: D

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