Sunday, December 24, 2017

Chuck out your dirty deeds


In Tasawuf (sufism) terminology, it's called takhalli meaning to chuck out your dirty deeds, to cleanse the rusts in your heart and entire self.

We are in the business of self-cleansing, self-polishing. So when people bother about our WIP (work in progress) status, call us a satan and all the ugly names, we keep quiet, we turn inward and continue polishing, until we see our critics and/or their clan trip, we say 'Ahah!'.

We are in the kaizen biz thus we relaunch our biz over and over again.

We chuck out our dirty deeds, then go have some legal fun (no alcohol/drugs involved ya) before we relaunch our self (mind and soul) and face the world with a sharper wit and stronger determination.

Have a fabulous weekend, folks.
It's a long, special weekend.

As ever,

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