Thursday, December 14, 2017

Happy Thursday


Oh well, I am a Penangite through and through and due to family circumstances I couldn't venture far for weekend getaway lately other than trying out several beach hotels in Batu Feringghi Penang - but Hard Rock Hotel Penang is, of course, special because how many HRC hotels are there in the world? Not too many.

When I was in my 20s, I collected HRC Tees from around the world but just like many things in life we outgrow them.

Here's another short clip, more for the benefit of my clan, as something to remember by.

Let's not forget this season is a gifting season and gifting is sunnah.

Enjoy your day, folks. Today is the youngest we'll ever be again.

Let's stay occupied with activities that carry weight for the ultimate Scales.

"Your greatness is not what you have,
it's what you give."
- Unknown Author

Yes, especially to people you care about.
Give your time, attention, and most of all love : )

And space, when they need to be alone, LOL. too : D

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