Thursday, December 21, 2017

No explanation needed


It's my life. It's your life.
No explanation needed. We have to just keep running our own race, make ourselves better than we were yesterday. That's it.

It's your life by ezatulhada

The above quote is by Mandy Hale.
More inspiring sayings by gorgeous Mandy Hale:

Yes, indeed our decision is ours. When we make a decision we know very well of the possibilities or consequences of the branching of fate as a result of our decision. As a Muslim, we know, regardless of the decisions made, we believe in the qada and qadar, we believe in Allah having His own divine prerogative.

Ahh...but I just want to say something about life in this world.
I love it : )
If God did not send us here to this world, we would not have known Him. It's a beautiful world and we keep it all in our hands, not in our hearts.
Rabbana aatina fid dunya hasanah
wa fil akhirati hasanah

By the way, today is the winter solstice. It's the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and nights are longer.

We sure have lots to learn from the creation of this dunya.
Allahu a'lam.

except to the Lord
and people whom you have inadvertently wronged

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