Sunday, December 17, 2017

Present moment | Am I stupid?


Says: Thich Nhat Hanh 

True, that's why Ibn Athaillah AsSakandari (1250 - 1309) says, and I was reminded by this hikam (bezel of wisdom) from watching telly, that "postponing a good deed until we are free is a sign of stupidity".

LOL I guess he need not say more. We are all fed with countless reminders by the big time life coach, motivational speakers etc. on one of many common ailments we share i.e. procrastination. About 700 years ago one wise man already warned us about it.

Each and every time we want to delay a good amal (deed), we should really pause and ask ourselves: "Am I stupid?" "Am I being stupid now?" 

Live in the present. Do it in the present moment, don't leave it for the future moment cos we might not even get there.


Next week is week no. 51, The second last week of the year, ma sha Allah.

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