Saturday, December 30, 2017

Release| Springboard to a new you


It's a good time to reflect on the bad/not so good habits that are holding us back from maintaining peace of mind, from productivity, from progress, from all things unbeneficial to our self-worth.  

During this busy weekend as we travel, partake in heightened leisure activities, it would be good to find some quiet time and spend it on oneself to simply reflect, do a self-assessment, identify what needs to go, what is good to stay and what new, better stuff that we should let enter into our day, our routine, our week that will make up a year - the new year.

No doubt, we should not let good things wait. We're reminded by Ibn Athaillah (in several postings earlier) about one major sign of stupidity - procrastination. One negative attribute that we all need to release is procrastination. We can be smarter.

Let's motivate ourselves and others, always, to springboard to a fresh and better version of ourselves. Of course obviously, anything that is fresher is certainly better. Pack up everything that is stale and chuck it out. It's something worth doing every morning, every day as we embrace a new chance at a second go. Certainly, it's even more important to do that as we are about to embrace a new year.

Quote credit: Jude Tousignant
We can do this.
We can only springboard to who we want to be, not who we have been.
Cos that's not how a springboard works.

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