Monday, December 4, 2017

Silent Night | Meaningful Silence


This December I thank the Lord subhanahu wataala for the late nite "dates", for the silent nights, for His invites to His Book and to the prayer mat. Alhamdulillahil lazi hadana li haza wama kunna linahtadiya lau an hada nallah.

What good is a day if it's filled with meaningless chats with mortals especially those who depend on whatsapp to kill their loneliness and boredom. Conversations should always be meaningful and honest. I wish to remind the young ones among us to be wary of people (men especially) who sweet talk you for nothing. Or people whose brain is a bit deprived so they talk about your past which has got nothing to do with them. But then, they say, those who mind, don't matter. 

On the other hand, it's not necessarily meaningful to craft words to prove a point to people whose heart and mind could be dead due to excessive lying or sinning.  

Let's be more stingy with our time. Meaningless conversations are stale. They don't have a place in our day. Each of the 1,440 minutes of the day is precious, it's irreplaceable. It would be better to reserve our energy for meaningful words during the silent moments at night, alone with the Creator who understands our silence, who also understands more than we could ever articulate, about anything and everything. 

I pity those who are stuck with a loud chatterbox partner.
"Be moderate in your pace and lower your voice,
truly the most horrible of voices is the voice of the donkey"
(Quran 31:19)

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