Sunday, December 10, 2017

Soften thy heart


A hardened heart is no good. Always keep it soft by remembering Allah, no matter where we are. Build up our strength so that no matter what the environment, we don't waver on matters of principles, of what is right and what is wrong. May Allah continue to grant us hidayah and tawfik. Ameen.

Have a fabulous Sunday folks. I am spending some quality time with the clan. Wish y'all a wonderful time with your loved ones too.

Make full use of free time, 
before busy-ness overcomes us.

Always keep your vacation clean.
Don't do drugs and the likes yeah!
Seek solace and soften your heart with love and prayers always 😉

I noticed there's a sudden spike in interest towards my old postings re Martin Lings' book on the Prophet's Biography. Yes, I will continue writing proses of the book in 2018. Bi iznillah. In Sha Allah. 

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