Thursday, December 28, 2017

Yay It's a Holi Holiday


To be frank, I'm feeling kinda spoiled for having enjoyed one entertainment after another LOL.

But this is not the season to be serious eh. Thank God there's no major project/deadlines looming in the coming days, during the early weeks of 2018. So it's safe to declare:
Yay! It's a : )

Personally, I have a reason to say thanks to the Almighty for 2018 cos I will have to work for only about 100+ days and that's it! Yes, only one-third of the year. The rest is free time to explore other interests and more holidays. It's something I never thought possible but Allah is Al Kareem. He is capable of giving us plenty of pleasant surprise gifts.

The moral of the story is, we should not underestimate His Power, thus we should dare dream BIG unusual dreams, anything at all, cos nothing is impossible if He wills. Kun fayakun! Be and it is.

May our body, mind, and spirit, heal with play, laughter, and joy.

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