Sunday, January 7, 2018

Cloak of gratitude


The above is a photo I took at an art exhibition in KL today. It's a cloak made of pebbles. Hope you like the poster. 

Rumi is, undoubtedly, the most often quoted Sufi of all times. Gratitude is one cloak we should wear all the time - both during the period of abundance and during the time when He withdraws a bit from the norm.

We gotta say our thanks every day regardless.

Today I am grateful for the gift of tawfiq from Allah subhanahuwa taala. That He gave me the capability to complete reading one chapter of the Quran in one sitting after Subuh.

I would like to advise the young readers of this blog, to be mindful of how you spend each hour of the day because it is unredeemable. We all have enough knowledge about the obligatory prayers, about the importance of making selawat and keeping a heart connection with the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam, we know about the importance of being dutiful to our mothers, we know about the virtues of reading the Quran regularly. So work on this knowledge we have.

Even if you can't bring yourself to open the kitab, then try to recite Al Ikhlas all the way to school/uni, while waiting for your teacher/lecturer to come in. Your other friends may appear more attractive than you with their new gadgets/shoes/tops/bags/hairstyles/scarves, but you will appear most attractive to the Angels and the Lord. Learn to be mentally in seclusion by yourself doing meaningful things that people can't see, even when you are out and about among the crowd. You'd "stand out" in the most beneficial way for the right reasons bi-iznillah. And should Allah intends to make you well-known among them, you will come to realize in whose eyes you'd rather be popular and only you will know what kind of cloak/overcoat/jacket you carry on you all the time, though eyes may not see.

Your Aunt Eza
: D

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