Sunday, January 21, 2018

Happy Sunday


Be better and be so good today that yesterday gets green with envy with today.

It's the weekend, yes it's time to eat all we can. LOL.

I am reminded of one hafiz from Cambodia who now becomes a facilitator at the tahfiz school where he used to study. Being away from his ailing mother was difficult he said. She had been suffering from diabetic for a long time. It was getting worse and she would speak on the phone with her son in tears, worried sick about her health. Of course, he was feeling helpless too. Then he remembered one du'a which is quite common to all (see below).

He prescribed it to his mother out of much faith and desperation, he admitted to me. The mother practiced it diligently before each meal. Miraculously, after several months, the doctor cleared her from diabetes. She did not really watch her diet, all she did was recite the du'a profusely with a great deal of tawakkul I'm pretty sure.

Bismillah hil lazi
La yadurru ma as mihi syai un fil ardi
Wala fis sama'i wahuwas sami'ul aleem

OK folks, wish y'all Happy Sunday. We need not look very pious outwardly. All we have to do is remember Allah and the Prophet salallah alaihiwasalam in our hearts even as we go about sightseeing, do anything no matter how mundane.  

And seek protection from Allah from anything and everything that could harm us.

My Sunday - spent in Melaka, two hours drive south of KL.

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