Thursday, January 18, 2018

Much remembered zakir


It's been slightly over a year since this person passed away. I knew him as a pious, well-mannered person who appeared pretty average externally. But I knew he was a dedicated zakir - committed to doing zikir/awrad. He was also more regular than the average Joe when it comes to performing daily solah in a congregation at the mosque.

Thus I was deeply touched when his wife let me have one of his misbaha/tasbih. It sure is a fitting reminder of him and a motivation for me to increase my remembrance of Allah and the Prophet salallah alihi wasalam. And to recite my awrad continually. InShaAllah.

The tasbih in below photo fell onto the palm of my hand as I was undecided which one to pick. MaShaAllah.

May Allah make us belong with the zakirin who are sincere in their remembrance of Allah, without hoping for any other rewards, other than to gaze at His Divine Countenance.

I hope, when I die, someone will remember me as one who is steadfast in doing zikir, just the way I remember and respect this friend of mine.

[Al Fatihah to Uncle Hamid d.21 Jan 2017].

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