Friday, January 12, 2018

Out for work | Outwork


Just a short reminder for me.
Get out, go to work and outwork yourself.
Be better than YOU of yesterday.

I used to think: Oh, when can I quit my job. Oh, I wish I could quit my job.
But now that I have identified a strong purpose/goal, I thought, how could anyone ever leaves a job. We must keep ourselves productive, always doing something, always trying, always moving forward.

Technically speaking, I am in a semi-retirement because I only work at the office for three days a week. Ironically, I have become busier instead. But it's all meaningful. No matter the official work hours you have, let's master the day.


We say thanks to Allah for having capacitated our mental faculties for life-long learning and self-development. Alhamdulillah. 

With this attitude of gratitude that we have, we pray Allah will grant us a lot more bounties for the good of our dunya and akhirah.

And next bi-iznillah: Post-graduate Diploma in Law from King's College London, towards an LLM perhaps, just cos many people thought I was a lawyer LOL.

Sending out the message to the universe so that it would start collaborating to help me achieve it : D



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