Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Third day | Master the day


It's only the third day of the new year. Relax. No need to be so hard on yourself re resolutions. Why not try to achieve them effortlessly? We can't master the year in one hard push, one strong smack. Master the day every day and master the year we shall bi-iznillah.

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Talk about "master", with God's will I shall undertake a second Master's degree. It's a good way to keep myself occupied and drop all other things that do not concern me. I think life would be much more pleasant if we were to completely leave all the matters which do not concern us.

I remember having a visitor at home who out of the blue asked: "what is your relationship with so and so?" It was his first visit to my place. I didn't know him that well. And this person is quite a well known tholabul ilmi. And another person, also a man, asked me a similar question via email. I don't know him well either. Let me just make a generalization now, that men have become more nosy than women. LOL

I recall a shaykh's advice, "there is no point of going from one majlis taalim to another if you do not perform the night prayers (tahajud)." The point is we all have sufficient knowledge yet we do not practise them. We know we are not supposed to be a busybody about other people's private matters, yet we ask questions like "Are you not pregnant yet?" "Are you not trying for a second child?" LOL
If I were the person who gets asked this kind of annoying question, I'd say, "That's OK, I don't need your help with that." LOL

Oh ya, by the way, it should not concern anyone, whoever chooses to love me ; )

I think all the naturally nosy people in this world should master their own life. And the supposedly learned men should also master their own wives before offering unsolicited advice to other women. Learn how to master a thing/a person by mastering the day.

Let us all master the day with a distinction.

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