Saturday, January 6, 2018

You become what you believe


You become what you believe, says Oprah.
So, believe in yourself.
Think good thoughts.
Dream big.

Hope you have had a fab Saturday.

I spent Saturday writing 1000 words-essay requirement, as to why I deserve a scholarship for my second Master's degree. In the first attempt, I only managed to write about 500 words. Then I put in a more serious thought, dug deeper into my heart and came out with 930 words.

I also spent Saturday to design a small bungalow house. It would be my second experience building a house from scratch, God Willing. It was, in fact, the second attempt at designing because the concept and needs have changed.

What I learned and keep on learning is that we have to always be flexible, to keep trying and most important of all: to keep believing.
Wama tawfiqi illah billah.

It's good to keep ourselves busy doing our own things than scrolling thousands of Instagram photos and videos. O young ones, be stingy with the allotted 1440 minutes a day.

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