Saturday, February 10, 2018

He (Love) is all around


Our task is to know the Lord and to see Him all around us.

And be grateful always for this life and everything that comes from Him.

May we all have a fabulous weekend.

From Penang with love,

I love beautiful objects such as this unique lighting
and the beautifully designed chairs
at the newly opened
Double Tree Resort by Hilton in Batu Feringghi Penang.
No need to be apologetic about liking beautiful objects.
"Allah is Beautiful and He loves beauty."
May our hearts remain latif so we are able to see His beauties all around us.  

And one's love for beautifully designed caps
: D

Lisan al-Din the blog is in its 10th year now. I am taking it easy and simply sharing a bit more of Allah's wonderful bounties. And documenting my selfies. I don't really care if you mind. LOL

"He who knows himself knows God."

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