Monday, February 5, 2018

Productive Monday


Alhamdulillah to be away doing my own thing on Mondays.

I pray so that Allah will continue to expand and facilitate our daily provisions and activities from Monday to Monday all throughout our lifetime.

Let us make much salawat on the day the Prophet salallahalaihiwasalam was born.

On the road.
Somewhere on Java island.
We wander to witness the Lord's marvelous creations.

Alhamdulillah to have been able to praise the Lord subhanahu wa taala at Duha today at Bandung's oldest mosque.

Subhanallah wa bihamdih.
Subhanallah alAzeem.

May Allah help us get more taqarrub (near) to Him each day of the remaining days of our lives.

Du'a of a musafir,

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