Saturday, March 17, 2018

The best of gifts


One night, in the still of the night, as I was making du'a I realized something which might be more obvious to you holy people out there. I realized it did not matter what I had around me, all the stuff that's attributed to me, in my life. Everything seemed to be of no value except the very du'a I was making, the list of du'a and the salawat (durood) that the Lord had put on the tongue and in the heart at that very moment. It felt like those were the only things that mattered. That the du'a was all I needed. Subhanallah. Yes, we making du'a to the Lord is the best gift from Him, already.     

And one other best of gifts is du'a from friends whose level of piety is 1000 rungs above you. You know the popular Tee that says "My friend went to London, and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt"?

I feel like having this written on a T-shirt, it's a bit long though and it doesn't rhyme but it weighs a tonne for me.
"My friend went to Japan
to be Imam at a mosque there,
and all I got was his du'a." 


Think again if you want to judge me.
Look at the kind of people I befriend, and try judge again.
But then again, I don't really care about your opinion.


Greetings from my humble abode

Someone thought I was arrogant about being clever.
Ahah... now I know I am clever. Thanks for the compliment, I shall approach my cleverness with a grateful heart : )

Who is arrogant/boasting about her/his seemingly good deeds? Not me!

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