Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Merry May | Renew


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.
Praise be to Allah for today, for another opportunity to do better than yesterday. Monday had been fruitful for me and Tuesday is looking good as I sip some decaf Earl Grey tea at home. (How boring has she become, you might say, decaf coffee ok but not tea? LOL). Ah...but perhaps we should "decaf" our day from meaningless deeds and talks. And detox our life continually. 

May is looking awesome bi-iznillah. Ramadan is just around the corner.  YaHuuu!

Just wanted to record my amazement at the young ones who inspired me lately. The young lady who gave me a crash course on Statistics handed me her textbook on Stats. I considered myself blessed cos she almost gave it away as she did for her other books but somehow kept this one - one she would never have thought would end up with her mother's schoolmate LOL. On the cover of the textbook, she had Bismillah written on top and then to the side she wrote a simple but significant reminder. She wrote: "Tajdid niyyat" - meaning: renew your intention, and "study for the sake of Allah" that is to gain knowledge cos we are asked to read and acquire knowledge for as long as we live; and "do not study for the sake of exams". How spiritually smart! How often do we, students study and prep like mad for exams without realizing the subtle polytheism beneath that? And this precious reminder/lesson, I learned from one young bright lady. Ma Sha Allah.

In fact, the lesson is not just limited to the intention we secretly make when it comes to studying. We should renew our niyyat every single day. This I heard from Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin some years back. 

It's 10 am now, have you performed solat sunat Duha? Have you made a petition (du'a) to Allah? So that He grants us beneficial knowledge, that He grants us good/pure provision and deeds that are accepted.


Wish ya'll a terrific Tuesday.
May we feel renewed - feel renewed with new knowledge that we are acquiring; and feel energized by a renewed spirit.

I didn't realize some of my longtime friends are so "Statistically" intelligent. There's another friend who majored in Mathematical Statistics. MashaAllah. He gave me a good coaching yesterday. And my immediate superior at work too majored in Statistics. LOL. Alhamdulillah when the universe seems to be plotting to do you good.

Rabbi zidni ilma
war zuqni fahma 

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