Friday, June 15, 2018

Eid Mubarrak 1439 H | Raya 2018


If truth be told, this is a backdated posting cos I am flat tired recuperating from entertaining close to 200 kids who visited on the eve of Eid and on the first day of Eid. That I did not bother taking a proper Eid photo just like everyone else.

But hey... here's a relatively decent one (albeit sweaty lol) taken on the eve of Raya when we had our annual tradition of welcoming children and a young imam for tahmid and takbir recitals. Alhamdulillah for good times.

Here's wishing all my friends/readers old and new ones a merry Raya. Eid Mubarak!
Maaf zahir batin.
Taqabballallahu minna wa minkum taqabbal ya Kareem.

Will upload photos of my young guests.
This has become mandatory cos they insisted I showed them their Raya photos from the past years. Mannn! And kids say the darndest things.
Some funny questions they asked:
"What did you do to become so rich!?"
"Where do you work?"
"How long have you been working?"
"Are you a Boss?"

I just laughed off and said Ameen....
And this year I had to settle a small argument among them LOL.
God bless them - children!

And let's not forget those who are less fortunate, those who are going through a rough patch. Let's pray Allah Al Basith will expand His limitless bounties on them Ameen.

Best Wishes,

It's ok if one is too busy and had to skip wearing lipliner or mascara whatever...LOL as long as she wears the sweetest smile ok?
: )

Listening to Aishah's Raya songs on repeat.
"...sekadar doa mengiring diri
setitik cahaya untuk meniti
pedoman buat di hari muka
moga ketenangan teman nan setia..."

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