Monday, July 16, 2018

Felicitations! | Kudos!


Felicitations to all the great French men on the pitch in Moscow tonight, and of course to all French men and women for their victory. What else can a fan say? : D

Twenty years ago, I told my then partner who was a footballer himself, that I saw something about France early in the 1998 tournament, that they might end up winning the World Cup, but he dismissed my women's instinct. Poor guy LOL. 

This year, again my instinct proved right and I am so very happy especially for all the visitors of this blog from France cos they are the all-time second highest country-visitors to this blog, after Malaysia.

Croatia as a smallish country with a mere 4 million population yet this young nation could be so skillful, brave and talented on the world stage the way they performed tonight, for that they truly deserved a hats-off. Kudos!

If there's one serious takeaway from the game, especially for our youth, amidst the fun, is that health can create wealth. Cos if you really polish your physical performance you could excel in your chosen field. Of course, mental performance is a subset of one's physical prowess. So let the youth take heed and use their youth-time wisely and always move forward. 

If I could turn back time, I would undo some mistakes I did during my youth phase. I am just grateful that Allah has given me plenty of opportunities to redeem myself and I think regardless of our age, every day should be a day to better ourselves in every way possible because it is even more sinful to think that you are already good and have got nothing to be remorseful about. So, embrace life more positively and move forward. 

There's one French proverb we all should try to learn:
Qui n'avance pas, recule.
"Who does not move forward, recedes.

Anyway, let's have scrumptious croissants for breakfast this Monday morning. 

Je t'aime!

How can I not love France when they have got a lovely place called Chateau Eza! Let's see who will take me there ; )

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